- Breaking any of these rules will result in a warning by a staff member. Continuous rule breaking will result in the character being deleted by an admin. Please keep in mind we want this site to be as kid friendly as possible but in order for that to be possible we need the cooperation of all of you!


1. Keep advertising to the advertise page only. Do not post in other boxes or in the chat on the side. It interrupts the roleplay and the other conversations which are going on and is rude.

2. We would like this to be an advanced roleplay; however, we are accepting of everyone and happy to help with your growth and development as a writer! We do not want to see mary-sues, gary-stus, god-modding, and powerplaying.

3. Be considerate of everyone on the site. Be nice to new members and amateur members. We understand you may get along with some members more than others but please try not to ignore anyone.

4. You cannot kill a character that does not wish to be killed. You need permission by the member to kill any of their characters. However, you cannot ignore any injures inflicted on your character unless they are extreme injures such as any injuries that borderline death or every bone in your body being broken. There is no god-modding.

5. Please respect all members and their characters on this site. Members may have different ideas for their characters which may not fit with how you wish to incorporate them with your own. Our advice is to let new ideas flourish! 

6. Swearing is allowed, but please make sure the people you are roleplaying with are comfortable with it and will not take offense to it.

7. Since you do not know all the ages of every member please keep relationship details to a minimum. If you want to continue in detail please private message each other. 

8. Originality is welcomed on this site and to enforce it powers cannot be copied. You may not have the same powers as a character already on this site.

9. Your profile picture should not be anything inappropriate. If any staff member views it as inappropriate they will ask you to change it immediately.

10. Be aware that staff members are here to make sure everyone has a great experience on the site! That being said, staff word is law. Suggestions of any kind are very encouraged.

11. If you are having problems with a staff member and think they are treating you unfairly please bring it up to another staff member so the problem can get addressed correctly.  

12. Have fun! 

Hey everyone it's Kayla (Chantel)! First of all I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a good time during the holidays! I've noticed some of you still check in on the site and at the request of a few members an event will be planned shortly for the end of January for the members that still check in every now and again. Try to let me know a time that works for you because I would like as many of you as possile there otherwise I'll be planning a time in my timezone (EST). Thanks everyone and I hope to see you all on!


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