Before the war, Soulmeria was a Utopia. The ruling family was elected by the Soulmerians and if they proved unworthy, would step down peacefully for a newly elected family. Soulmerians were very accepting people which meant there was little to no conflict.

Once there was a powerful witch on Myethki that threatened the peace on Soulmeria. To save his planet, the head of the ruling family traveled to Myethki and killed the witch. Her spirit traveled to the core of Myethki, taking root there, and slowly began taking control (via the power of persuasion) of the inhabitants on Myethki - the Seekers. This spirit became known as "The Eye" to the Seekers. "The Eye" promised the Seekers to turn Myethki into a Utopia for their cooperation to reach its end goal - to become a new life force with omnipotent (to do this, it feeds off the dead Soulmerians and their planet). This promise has turned many Soulmerians against their own kind, desperate for a new home, and reminding them of their lost planet. Some Seekers are immune to control of the "The Eye" and have left Myethki to live a new life away deception.

1. Soulmerians don't know which other Soulmerians have been dispatched to Earth unless they were part of their dispatch. They have no contact with Soulmeria anymore.

2. Seekers are aware of the other Seekers on Earth. They still have contact with the other Seekers on Myethki and know who has been dispatched to Earth.

3. It is very difficult to tell the difference between Humans, Soulmerians, and Seekers. The only dead give aways are the powers or if a Soulmerian or Seeker reveals themself. You do not just see one and know automatically. However, Soulmerians and Seekers seem to have more natural beauty and grace than Humans.

4. The average lifespan of a Soulmerian and Seeker is 150-200 years old; however, they stop physically aging at age 21. 

5. Powers mature with age. The older you are the stronger your powers will be.

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