Dover is a town and major ferry port in the home county of Kent in South East England. It was picked as a location for Soulmerian dispatches because of it's small size (population: 28,000+). Major cities were too obvious a location choice. However, being in a smaller town means everyone knows everyone, which can make blending in even harder.


Port Dover is the cross-channel port located in Dover. It is Europe's busiest ferry port - a vital gateway for the movement of passengers and trade. The port is divided into two sections, the Western Docks and the Eastern Docks.


 Dover's beach is rather small but it offers a great view of the boats coming and going from the Eastern Docks as well as one of Dover's main attractions, the Dover Castle. The beach ends where the White Cliffs of Dover begin. The Cliffs are another of Dover's main attractions, stretching 10 miles over Dover's coastline and towering about 300 feet.

 Also known as the "Key to England", the medieval castle was once a fortress that played a crucial role in the defense of the realm for over nine centuries. Now the castle is a nationally important historic building and a major tourist attraction.


 The forest is one of the thickest forests in Dover, stretching passed Dover and into the neighboring towns. It's not hard to get lost and find yourself outside of a Dover and in a whole other part of Kent altogether. 

This cemetery may not be the only cemetery in Dover, but it is certainly the oldest and largest. Small cemeteries can be seen in Dover, especially next to some of the older churches, but this cemetery in particular has always been the most used and visited.


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