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Posted on May 21, 2015 at 12:35 AM

After a few failed attempts at bringing back the site, I let it idle in it's finished but very plain state. I am happy to announce that Charlotte and I decided once more to bring this site back and we're very happy to announce that Leila has jumped back on board! The power of three is back together!

As you can see we've been working our butts off to make the site what it is now (which is a lot better). I hope everyone thanks Leila for her amazing work, this site wouldn't be what it is now without her! We're hoping the new looks draw in new members and the site can flourish.

I am not starting with an activity check (there's really no need). A lot has changed from the first time the site was published though so there are a few things I want to go over.


First off, I have removed species entirely. I know there were a lot of options to choose from and it was very difficult for a lot of people so I have decided to entirely remove it. From now on you can only join as the races Soulmerian, Seeker, or Human. However, I have given you an option to be a rogue (your race is still one of the three I named). Check out the information page for more about rogues. c:

Secondly, I know a lot of people like high positions (who doesn't want power right?). For now, only Seekers & bounty hunters have high positions (still working on incorporating it into join & characters, bare with me). This is because on Soulmeria they choose not to communicate with any of the Soulmerians on Earth. Soulmerians do not know who has been sent to Earth and who hasn't (unless they were a part of your dispatch). Communication is completely cut off from each planet and it is hard to find other Soulmerians on the planet when you are trying to keep your true identity hidden. On the other hand, Seekers do not have to worry about hiding themselves. They also communicate with their planet. Only the best Seekers are sent to Earth. Setting up high positions among the Seekers on Earth is easy, almost every Seeker knows what Seekers have been dispatched. As for bounty hunters, the Seekers are their bosses but there are a few bounty hunters deemed worthy by the higher rank Seekers that have become 'squad' leaders. HOWEVER, with more Soulmerians and activity we will open high positions for the Soulmerians. 


We are all giving this an honest go and putting a lot of time and work into this site. We hope this site will become a success. We have a lot of ideas in store for everyone on this site if it does. If the site becomes active enough we can have more events and contests (ex. planned battles between Soulmerians and Seekers). We have a super exciting event planned if the ball can get rolling for activity! And if the site is active enough Charlotte and I have also discussed the option of splitting premium if need be.


So bare with us as we continue to give the site the rest of it's makeover because we're just trying to make sure you have the best experience you can on this site and have a lot of fun on it as well!


Love always,

Your site owner - Chantel

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Hey everyone it's Kayla (Chantel)! First of all I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a good time during the holidays! I've noticed some of you still check in on the site and at the request of a few members an event will be planned shortly for the end of January for the members that still check in every now and again. Try to let me know a time that works for you because I would like as many of you as possile there otherwise I'll be planning a time in my timezone (EST). Thanks everyone and I hope to see you all on!


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