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High Rank Intro!

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 10:15 PM
Hey everyone! With the activity check coming to a close I have opened high ranks for Seekers only as promised! You can apply here as long as you have already posted your character in join! Please note that the leader and deputy ranks are closed for now. Leila, Jujubee, and I will be playing them to get the plot moving and then we will 'retire' our characters and open them for you guys! There will be no adviser during this time. The ranks are as followed...

Leader - self explainitory 
Adviser - leader's most trusted friend, gives advise when needed/asked
Deputy - second in command
Lieutenants - report directly from the leader to the commanders
Commanders - break remaining Seekers up into squads, squad leaders

We are allowing up to 3 lieutenants and 6 commanders. This means that each lieutenant is in charge of 2 commanders. We have never had high ranks on Soulmeria before so please bare with us this may be a little confusing and rocky! If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns please pm either Leila, Jujubee, or myself! 

Love always,

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Hey everyone it's Kayla (Chantel)! First of all I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you all had a good time during the holidays! I've noticed some of you still check in on the site and at the request of a few members an event will be planned shortly for the end of January for the members that still check in every now and again. Try to let me know a time that works for you because I would like as many of you as possile there otherwise I'll be planning a time in my timezone (EST). Thanks everyone and I hope to see you all on!


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