The war between the Soulmerians and the Seekers is coming to an end – with Soulmeria dying and the Seekers striving as it does. The struggle has left many Soulmerians to relocate and find a way to save their home, many coming to Earth. They struggle to blend in as Humans in hopes to find a way to victory. The Seekers have followed, determined to destroy the last of the Soulmerians. And among this chaos, Humans are being recruited left and right from Soulmerians and Seekers to help to end the war between the two.

A secret race from another world. A dying world. You are here to either find a way to save your home. Or to find yourself a new one. The struggle to blend in and stay hidden is a hard one, but they can't expose their true form for if they do the Seekers on this planet will destroy them. 


 A secret race from another world. A world that thrives off the dying planet of Soulmeria. Your enemy from before you were born. Victory is so close your planet can taste it. But for full victory every last Soulmerian must be eliminated. Your mission: To find and kill as many as possible to end this feud once and for all.

 Unaware of the monsters around you. The Soulmerians and the Seekers. They go to school with you, they eat at your restaurants, shop at your malls. Some are even your friends. They keep their secrets to protect you from the bloodshed between them. That is..some do. Some tell you what they are. Some tell you their missions. They bring you into the chaos. To Soulmerians you are a human resource, helping them when they can't to avoid Seekers. To Seekers you are Bounty Hunters. You find Soulmerians. And you kill them.


You once fought for the same side of your race until you abandoned your mission. You either switched sides or do not have one at all. A Seeker that defends Soulmerians. A Soulmerian that kills other Soulmerians. 


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